St. Michael's physicians riding for trauma survivors

Fundraising Goal $11,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 29
Total Value of Gifts: $4,010.00

Recent Donors

Mr. Yannic McNicoll

Dr. David MacKinnon

Elizabeth Huggins

Mr. Douglas Sargeant

Yip Bader family

Willa Gauthier

Dr. Andreas Laupacis

Dr. Howard Ovens

Ms. Sharon Whyte

Kozar family

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A group of physicians from St. Michael's Hospital is cycling through southern France this fall to raise money for the Trauma Survivors Network.

Emergency physicians Drs. Alun Ackery, Samuel Vaillancourt and Joel Lockwood, along with Dr. Rob Sargeant, head of the hospital's Division of Internal Medicine, will cycle from Sept. 10 to Sept. 16, covering more than 700 kilometres and climbing more than 11,000 metres.

The hope is to not only raise money, but awareness that care shouldn't end when trauma survivors leave the hospital, said Dr. Ackery, who is also a trauma team leader at St. Michael's.

"When someone has sustained traumatic injuries, the focus has always been on making sure they survive," he said. "We save their lives physically, but we now recognize there is more to it than just healing the body. There is a need for continued support for all the other ways trauma can affect someone's life."

The route crosses the French side of the Pyrenees Mountains, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It includes several legendary climbs of the Tour de France, which will make the ride more difficult, said Dr. Vaillancourt.

"We wanted to do something constructive to show our support for these patients and their families," he said.

"This challenge we've taken up reminds us of the courage our patients need to go through the ups and down on the road to recovery. Obviously, we're doing this by choice, but we'll face a physical test beyond what we've experienced and we'll need each other's support to get through it."

The Trauma Survivors Network was developed by the American Trauma Society to help trauma centres break the isolation many patients experience after trauma, and provide support and services to patients and their families need during their recovery from serious injury. My BeST (Beyond Surviving to Thriving), a patient support group at St. Michael's, is the first Canadian branch of the Trauma Survivors' Network.

The money raised by the bike tour will go towards the support group. It will also help expand the Trauma Survivors Network efforts at St. Michael's, which will potentially include training and mentoring peer support workers for both inpatients and outpatients.

Guest Book

If you would like, you can add your name and a short message to our Guest Book. Thank you.

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c_a group
c_a hàng
c_a t_
_ trong pḥng
toàn th_
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c_c ḱ
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t_t nh_t
c_ng b_
c_ng tr_ nên
cung c_p
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cùng chiêm ng__ng nào
c_ng là
c_ng có th_ có
c_ng dành
c_ng r_t ___c
c_ng t__ng t_
cùng h_a __ thi_t k_
c_ng t__ng __i
cùng v_i r_t nhi_u
c_ng nh_ v_y
c_ng t__ng t_ nh_
cùng v_i s_
cùng v_i
_áp _ng
tr_n _ánh
cu_c ch_i
cu_c s_ng
sau cùng
vào bu_i t_i cu_i tu_n
cu_n hút
c__ng l_c ch_ng va __p
cu_ng quưt
nuôi n_ng
_ă bi_t thành
_ă bi_n __i thành
_ă bi_t ph__ng pháp
_ă có ___c
_a zi n_ng
_a d_ng
_ă có l_n
_a d_ng ch_ng lo_i
_ă t_ng __n _ó
_ă t_i khi
_ă h_t
_ă h́nh thành
_ă nh_n ___c
ph_n l_n
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_a s_ chúng ta
ph_n l_n
_ă tr_ thành
_ă t_ng gây nên
__c bi_t là
__c bi_t
khác l_
d_c c_m
_i_m l_u ư
__c quy_n
__c s_c
thay m_t __i di_n
d_i d_t
dài ra h_n n_a
lâu h_n
ngoài hành tinh
quư ông
váy x̣e
thanh n_
_an c_nh xen k_
Gi_i Công Ngh_
t_ t_
dân d_ng
lao vào
_ang khoác trên ng__i
dáng thon cao
phong cách
_ang làm vi_c
_áng k_
_ang t_i
d_ng mang
_ang khi_n
__ng kư d_ thi
__t __n Hàng
__ng lên
_áng ti_c
vóc dáng
_ang yêu th__ng nhau
_ang yêu th__ng
_áng yêu và d_ th__ng
h́nh dáng
l_n chi_m
dành cho
l_u l_i
h__ng __n
lu_t __o
d_o ph_
th_i tr_
_áp _ng m_t cách __y __
_áp _ng nhu c_u
_áp _ng
__t danh hi_u
__t d_ng vơ
__t hàng
__t gi_i
__t ng__ng
giá thành cao h_n
__t t_i m_c
giang s_n
__ ra
d_ li_u khách hàng
_âu ph_i ch_
_âu nhé
__u n_m
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m_c dù v_y
th_ nh_t
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_ó chính
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dây dài
dây _eo
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__y __
_ó là
__y lên
_ó luôn luôn là
t_ng c__ng
dăy ph_
__y sóng
_è b_p
d_ ch_u và tho_i mái
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d_ ch_i
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__ có th_ ch_p
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