In honour of "Te"

You may all know me as Flora Terah-Igoki, Founder, The Wanawake Violence Prevention Team-EA, and as a passionate advocate to end violence to women and children.

More importantly, I am a mother to "Te."

I've been blessed to have the opportunity now to help make a difference - to promote a wonderful healthcare institution that have helped me through my personal struggles and grief for the loss of my beloved son "Te."

I feel more stronger now thanks to the help of amazing physicians, clinicians and the staff of St. Michael's Hospital and most specifically to Arthur Sommer Rotenberg (ASR) Suicide and Depression Program team.

"I want to help other people, like me, who until this day have unpacked suitcases."

Suicide continues to be an epidemic with approximately 5,500 people dying from suicide across Canada each year. Despite the cost and pain depression and suicide contributes to society, the level of investment in mental health and suicide research is disappointing – receiving far less than other disorders. Those suffering from depression and mental illness deserve better.

First of its kind, St. Michael's Hospital's ASR team led by Dr. Sakina Rizvi is pioneering a truly exciting pilot intervention program to help alleviate the incidence of this growing health epidemic that affects not only women and children.

I hope you would join me in this endeavour, in honour of "Te."

P.S. If you would like to get more information about St. Michael's Hospital ASR Suicide and Depression Studies Program, please contact the Foundation at (416) 864-5000 or

Yours truly,

Flora Terah-Igoki