“We want to build the best MS Centre in the world. It will be beyond compare.”
— Dr. Xavier Montalban

St. Michael’s Foundation is pleased to announce a bold new initiative that will bring hope to thousands of people dealing with multiple sclerosis (MS) across Canada. Thanks to the visionary support of lead donors John & Jocelyn Barford and Jon & Nancy Love, St. Michael’s will establish the world-leading BARLO MS Centre led by renowned MS expert Dr. Xavier Montalban.

The new BARLO MS Centre will combine research, education and clinical care all in one area, allowing us to dramatically improve the lives of MS patients living in Toronto, across Canada and beyond.

Canada has the highest incidence of MS in the world. And Toronto alone has thousands of patients living with the disease. Creating the BARLO MS Centre is a critical turning point in the treatment of MS. You can help make our vision a reality.

Join us today by making a donation and help us reach a new pinnacle in MS patient care.

Donate online or contact us at 416.864.5000.