From over 40 applications, eight teams of all-star scientists survived rigorous scientific reviews to present their ideas at Angels Den 2018.

St. Michael’s Hospital’s world-leading scientists once again rose to the occasion, translating incredibly complex science with creativity and aplomb. To all of you: congratulations and thank you.


In the biomedical innovation category:

Dr. George Yousef and Dr. Michael Ordon for Prostate Predictor, a blood test that can accurately classify patients with prostate cancer as ‘low’ or ‘high’ risk to help physicians decide who, in fact, needs surgery. Prostate Predictor will signal the end of unnecessary surgeries for prostate cancer and the start of a new era of personalized medicine in men’s health.

The People’s Choice award went to Dr. George Yousef and Dr. Michael Ordon for Prostate Predictor.

In the social innovation category:

Dr. Muhammed Mamdami for fAIth, an artificial-intelligence factory that will demystify AI in health-care and generate AI health-care tools that are truly relevant and user-friendly. fAIth will ensure that the astonishing potential of AI in medicine is delivered to where it’s needed most – into the drive towards healthier lives for all.

Runners' Up Awards went to:

Dr. Doug Campbell and Dr. Sri Krishnan for VITASCOPE-BabyBeats

Dr. Paul Dorian and Dr. Paul Angaran for AED on the way

Dr. Mario Ostrowski for Hunt for HIV

Dr. Yvonne Bombard for Genomics Advisor

Dr. Tara Kiran for Operation Zero

Dr. Ketan Shankardass for Stresscapes

We are deeply grateful to our exceptionally generous sponsors and supporters of Angels Den. These awards are only possible because of your far-sighted contributions.


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